Intro to Sports & Organization Personalization

The explosion in variety of team uniforms available for customization means all teams of any level have the ability to project a professional look. Our experience with this incredible diversity of material can be invaluable to our customers. Expensive team uniforms embellished poorly or with the wrong process lose all value.

Given High Peak Sportswear’s vast experience with screen printing, embroidery, tackle twill and cut vinyl we’re in a unique position to recommend what is right, not to be limited by what we know how to apply. From the budget conscious recreation league team, to the travel teams wanting upscale uniforms, we can meet all needs.

The Team Uniform Process

Step 1 - Artwork Stage

Traditionally, artwork for Team Uniforms is not extremely complicated, regardless of what type of embellishment is chosen. A logo may be incorporated into the design, but often it’s simply a name with a traditional baseball style tail or a name arched on the garment.

Often uniforms have color block panels, 3 button or full button up front, razor backs, or some other feature which must be considered when creating the artwork. The artwork needs to work with these various garment features, so garment style is a consideration in the design of the artwork. Information on screen printing and embroidery artwork is available in their respective sections.

Artwork Stage Image

Step 2 - Type of Embellishment

Team Uniforms can have a variety of different types of embellishment applied to them. Depending on the garment used, price considerations, style of uniform, the team name and logo can be done in embroidery, screen printing, tackle twill or by an iron on application.

Type of Embellishment Image

Step 3 - Names and Numbers

Many if not most uniforms will have numbers on locations ranging from left chest, center front, sleeve, or center back. These numbers are normally ironed on using a heat sensitive vinyl. Names on the garment back are custom cut on our vinyl cutter in a color of vinyl which will match the numbers. Higher dollar uniforms often use tackle twill rather than vinyl for the names and numbers.

Names and Numbers Image

Step 4 - Delivery

Completed orders can be picked up at High Peak Sportswear locations in Charlottesville, Blacksburg, Roanoke, Lynchburg Plaza, or shipped directly to your location.

Delivery Image

Frequently Asked Team Uniforms Questions

In addition to the FAQ’s provided below, we suggest you review the FAQ’s for the embellishment process of your choice: screen printing, embroidery, twill, or vinyl.


  1. Can you produce artwork for team uniforms?

    Our full service art department can produce great artwork for your team uniform. The specifics of the artwork for uniforms are driven by more variables than most “normal” jobs. First you need to determine the embellishment method, twill, embroidery, screen print or vinyl - all have different parameters as to what is possible and what will look good.

    Uniforms also have more variance in terms of the construction of the garment itself, again what can be done is also affected by embellishment choice. Uniforms themselves are sometimes mesh, have button up fronts, have color block panels, all will affect what can and should be done embellishing the uniform.

    See FAQ’s on screen printing, embroidery, or heat-transfer for specifics regarding whatever embellishment choice you make.

  2. Can I have names and numbers ironed on a shirt?

    Yes, names and numbers are available to be ironed onto shirts for ball teams etc. We have many colors of vinyl stock and we have a plotter style cutter to cut names. Ask your salesperson about what colors are available.

  3. How do I contact my sales person?

    Head over to our contact page which includes email and phone numbers for all of our sales staff.

  4. What is your turnaround time?

    Our standard turn around time is two weeks from the receipt of your order. If the order requires digitizing the standard turnaround time is 3 weeks.

  5. Do you do rush orders?

    Rush orders are available. Please call us today to see if your order can be fit into our production schedule. Rush charges may apply during peak business seasons.

  6. Will I receive a sample?

    It is not normally possible to provide embellished samples. Blank samples for sizing purposed can be ordered. Please contact us for information and charges.

  7. How will I receive my order?

    Orders can be picked up at any of our four locations in Blacksburg, Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Roanoke. Orders can also be shipped UPS, standard charges will apply. Some companies promise free shipping, but then build it into your cost elsewhere with an additional markup. We prefer to keep our pricing straightforward and honest, so that you can make the appropriate decisions.

  8. May I cancel an order?

    Orders that have not been produced can be cancelled. However, depending on when the order is cancelled, art charges, digitizing fees, or garment restocking fees will be charged to cover the costs already incurred.

  9. What is your return policy?

    We pride ourselves in exceeding the industry standard and providing exceptional customer satisfaction. However, due to the labor intensity of custom orders we cannot accept returns on decorated garments under any circumstances.

  10. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, cash and pre-approved checks.


  1. What file format should be used for provided artwork?

    Our artists use primarily Apple computers running Adobe Illustrator. So if you’re providing artwork, it needs to be in vector format. We prefer to be provided illustrator files, eps, or vector pdf files. If questions remain our art department will be glad to discuss acceptable file types.

    Technical information on recommended art format:

    -For full color images, 4 color process and continuous-tone images with 300dpi at actual size.

    -All fonts (printer and screen) must be included with your file or all text should be converted to outlines or curves.

    -Software Applications: Files saved in any of the following applications are acceptable: Adobe Illustrator CS5 and below & Photoshop CS5 and below.

    -Please submit Vector art as eps, ai or pdf.

    -All customer provided digital files should be evaluated by one of our artists before any potential art charge can be estimated.

  2. Do you do PMS color matching?

    We stock a wide variety of standard ink and thread colors, the selection of twill is much more limited. However PMS color matching is always problematic when screen printing on colored garments due to the interaction between the ink and the garment. Thread and twill colors are limited to the colors the distributors manufacture and which we stock.

  3. How do I proof my artwork?

    For the protection of all parties involved, all artwork must be proofed by you prior to any order being produced. You will have the opportunity to view a representation of your job electronically via email or a web based art approval site. Please be aware that colors do vary on different monitors and inks on colored shirts have some interaction which will change the color or change the way a color is perceived.


  1. Who supplies the garments to be printed?

    We prefer to purchase the garments for your job and we do this for the overwhelming majority of jobs we produce. We work with dozens of suppliers and can get an almost unlimited range of garment styles and colors. If High Peak orders the garments, we can be sure they are garments which will work well with the embellishment process of your choice. Also if we provide the garments then we can replace any garments lost during production.

  2. May I supply garments? (contract embroidery)

    If you provide the garments to be embroidered or printed, there are some potential issues of which you need to be aware. Recently there's been an explosion in the market of moisture wicking and other high tech performance garments. Many are problematic when printing, due to ink adhesion and scorching issues caused by the temperatures required to cure ink. Additionally if there are misprints, etc., since we didn't provide the garments we can't replace those which get damaged. It's safer for all parties and we prefer whenever possible to provide garments we know will work for the intended purposes.

  3. Can you guarantee exact quantities?

    Please notify your sales person if an exact quantity is necessary. Losses during production are always a possibility, please make your salesperson aware if an exact quantity is essential.

  4. May I group items of different style, size and color in the same order?

    In ordering team uniforms you can group different sizes within reason. However, if you want to group different colors and styles contact your salesperson with the specifics of your request for more information.

  5. Will I receive a sample?

    Normally it is not possible to do a sample due to high costs. Blank garment samples for sizing purposes can be ordered. Please contact us for information and charges.

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