Intro to Promotional Products and Gifts

Promotional Products are items emblazoned or embellished with a logo or message of your business, school, event, or organization. These products have the ability to put your name in front of customers in a consistent, subtle, long term and incredibly effective way. The Koozie you put on your cold beverage, the pen you write with all day, the bag you take into the grocery store, and your water bottle can constantly remind you of a company or event which provided them to you free of charge.

High Peak Sportswear has worked with our customers to design effective promotional products and custom gifts. Let our vast experience provide a clear path through the maze of potential items and the pros and cons of each. Together we can put your name in front of people in a way which will be effective and appreciated, a rare combination.

The Screen Printing Process

Step 1 - Artwork Stage

Artwork for promotional products and gifts varies greatly depending on what product is being ordered. If you already have a logo or artwork, the best approach is to communicate with your salesperson . One of our artists will outline for you what is required in terms of file size and also on what details are able to be printed. For example, the artwork printed on a koozie vs. the artwork cast into a metal bottle opener will vary greatly. If we’re doing the design work from scratch, then we’ll know what product is being ordered and will tailor the artwork to that product’s limitations.

Artwork Stage Image

Step 2 - Order Details Conveyed to Production

Since almost all promotional product order are sent out to a company which specializes in that specific product, there is a lot of back and forth on artwork and production details. High Peak Sportswear’s sales staff and artists will handle all of this for you in a way as to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Order Details Conveyed to Production Image

Step 3 - Delivery

Completed orders can be picked up at High Peak Sportswear locations in Charlottesville, Blacksburg, Roanoke, Lynchburg Plaza, or shipped directly to your location.

Delivery Image

Frequently Asked Promotional Products Questions


  1. What is a promotional product?

    Promotional Products are things like cups, mugs, key chains, koozies, pens and a million other products which are printed with your logo. Most are used to give away to advertise and promote your company, school, or event.

    There is no limit to the creativity and variety of products that can be embellished with your logo. Who would have thought you could get chocolate bars or walnuts displaying your logo?

  2. Does High Peak actually produce the promotional product?

    In most cases no, we may print a koozie job occasionally or some types of bags, but most of the promotional products require specialized equipment and inks very different than we use for screen printing garments. It is in everyone’s best interest to send the job to a specific company which specializes in for instance, printing on golf balls.

  3. What is your turnaround time?

    Turn around time varies greatly with the different types of products. Ask our sales staff for turn around time on the product of your choice.

  4. Do you do rush orders?

    Rush orders are available. Please call us today for information on turnaround time for the product of your choice.

  5. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, cash and pre-approved checks.

  6. How will I receive my order?

    Orders can be picked up at any of our four locations in Blacksburg, Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Roanoke. Orders can also be shipped UPS, standard charges will apply. Some companies promise free shipping, but then build it into your cost elsewhere with an additional markup. We prefer to keep our pricing straightforward and honest, so that you can make the appropriate decisions.

  7. May I cancel an order?

    Once an order has been placed and artwork sent to a promotional products company, there is generally no way to cancel and order.


  1. How is artwork provided to the promotional product company?

    High Peak will produce artwork which both conforms to the requirements of the promotional product company and meets your needs. We provide this artwork to the supplier and then follow the process until production is completed and the product is provided to you.

  2. Can we produce artwork based on an idea?

    We have a full service art department which can fine tune artwork you’ve done, or produce artwork from your idea. There are aspects to artwork for promotional goods which are very specific and crucial to getting a great looking print.

  3. What file format should be used for provided artwork?

    Our artists use primarily Apple computers running Adobe Illustrator. So if you’re providing artwork, it needs to be in vector format. We prefer to be provided illustrator files, eps, or vector pdf files. If questions remain our art department will be glad to discuss acceptable file types.

    Technical information on recommended art format:

    -For full color images, 4 color process and continuous-tone images with 300dpi at actual size.

    -All fonts (printer and screen) must be included with your file or all text should be converted to outlines or curves.

    -Software Applications: Files saved in any of the following applications are acceptable: Adobe Illustrator CS5 and below & Photoshop CS5 and below.

    -Please submit Vector art as eps, ai or pdf.

    -All customer provided digital files should be evaluated by one of our artists before any potential art charge can be estimated.

  4. How do I proof my artwork?

    For the protection of all parties involved, all artwork must be proofed by you prior to any order being produced. You will have the opportunity to view a representation of your job electronically via email or a web based art approval site. Please be aware that colors do vary on different monitors and inks on colored shirts have some interaction which will change the color or change the way a color is perceived.

Golf ball on tee with logo
Basket of custom wedding koozies
Initials on glasses and pitcher
Company logo on candy
Custom wristbands for charity