Why Choose High Peak?

Every employee at High Peak will serve as your advocate from the time you make first contact and continuing after your job is completed and delivered.

Customers Come First

High Peak Sportswear grew from a dream to printing millions of shirts using primarily one source of advertising, word of mouth. Our philosophy is to treat each customer to an experience which makes them both want to re-order and to tell anyone needing our services to come to High Peak Sportswear!

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Superior to Industry Standards

Each order is unique, but there are often 2 way to do the job - the easy way and the right way. At High Peak Sportswear we want you to be completely satisfied with all aspects of your order and this requires us doing it the right way! This same concept applies to the materials which go into producing your job. For example - we use a white ink which costs 3 times as much as the standard to minimize dye migration (the phenomenon when white ink turns pink on red shirts containing polyester).

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Competitive Pricing

We've all been around long enough to know that that if there are 100 companies promising the "lowest prices", 99 of them - how do we say this tactfully? - 99 of them wrong. We promise competitive pricing which makes sense and affords you a great value for the money you spend. If you need the price lower, we will openly discuss what drives your price, and what changes can be made to your job to lower the price. We empower you to make the appropriate decisions regarding your order.

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Quick Turnaround

Standard turn around for screen printing and custom embroidery jobs is 2 weeks. There are situations for instance when an embroidery job needs digitizing where it may run a little longer. When dealing with promotional product companies we will make you aware of their standard turnaround times which vary greatly.

If you need a job rushed, we do everything possible to do this and to do it without excessive rush charges. However to keep prices competitive, we operate on the assumption that garments can be ordered without paying expedited shipping fees, and labor can be regular, not overtime rates. If you need a job rushed, your salesperson will give you specifics of what can be done and if there will be additional charges.

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Entire staff of High Peak Sportswear

Our Story

What started 27 years ago as a dream operating out of a garage quickly grew into a business printing over millions of garments a year.

A Stroke of Genius

High Peak Sportswear began as a dream in 1989 in the shadow of High Peak Mountain in Amherst County, Virginia. From modest beginnings working evenings in a garage, rapid growth meant we had soon printed millions of garments for satisfied customers throughout Central Virginia.

Newspaper clipping titled High Peak Sportswear planning expansion

Rapid Growth

The capacity and capability of the company grew dramatically to keep pace with customer needs. Our screen printing department quickly outgrew our one manual press and soon boasted multiple manual and automatic presses. The large and complex jobs which would have been unthinkable to tackle in the early days, soon became routine.

Having started as a screen printing company, it soon became apparent that to meet customer needs embroidery capabilities would have to be added. Our first embroidery machine had pretty limited capabilities and was a single head, meaning it produced one garment at at time. Over the years we added equipment and now have a fully staffed embroidery department utilizing multiple head equipment, including state of the art 8 and 12 head machines.

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Same Commitment to our Customers

In an effort to create a one stop experience and to more completely serve our customer needs, we’ve added many other capabilities over the years. Tackle Twill is a specialized embroidery process few embroidery companies offer - similar to applique where twill fabric is sewn to the garment to produce the image. A vinyl cutter now cuts letters and simple designs with capabilities far above precut vinyl letters, as done previously. We have a full color large format sign printer, which in addition allowing us to meet basic sign needs, can in certain occasions produce a transfer to be ironed onto the shirt. All of these changes and many more were made to provide a seamless and one stop shopping experience for High Peak customers.

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Customer Bill of Rights

1. A warm greeting on the phone, internet, or upon entry into our building.

2. Prompt, courteous and professional direction by a knowledgeable salesperson. Help in tailoring artwork so it will look good printed or embroidered. Advice in selecting garments based on experience. Realistic timelines for proofing art and having job completed

3. Superior artwork produced in a timely fashion.

4. Print and embroidery quality which is superior to industry standards.

5. Timely and accurate billing and resolution of billing concerns.

6. Competitive pricing on artwork, digitizing, embroidery, and screenprinting.

7. Every employee at High Peak serving as their advocate from the time they make first contact and continuing after the order has been delivered.