High Peak Sportswear listens to you, the customer. Our minimums are low, turnaround time is two weeks, and we have a wide variety of items available to be embroidered. From hats with stock designs to digitized logos’ on jackets, we have something for every price range. We will work with you to give you a better understanding of the embroidery process to help develop the perfect image for your organization. Visit our Embroidery 101 section to learn more about the embroidery process!

Dakota Collectibles provides us with many of our stock embroidery designs. This site contains some of designs we currently own at High Peak Sportswear. If you see a design you like, please call to see if we have it. If it's not a design we own, it can be custom ordered. The cost depends on the size of the design.

Please click here to view garments online.

Our 12 head embroidery machine


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